Specialized payroll is the very foundation upon which Talent Partners was founded. With extensive industry knowledge in TV, radio, print, music, internet, and new media Talent Partners is the world's largest paymaster to on-air commercial talent, issuing over one million checks annually to performers around the globe. We understand the complexity of delivering payroll solutions across multiple locations, currencies, legislations and business cultures. Our specialized payroll solutions are inclusive of musicians, models, celebrities (dead and alive), photographers, crew, directors, and just about anyone in front of or behind the camera - union or non-union. Adding to the solutions arsenal, Talent Partners provides specialized payroll solutions in the fast growing area of freelance talent, event, tradeshow and experiential marketing.


  • Talent Payments
  • Taxes, withholdings, reporting
  • Residuals | Re-Use Payments
  • Workers Compensation
  • Pension and Health Administration and Reporting
  • Compliance with all local and governmental labor laws

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